Aqualine Wellness Support Team GB

Aqualine Wellness were excited to be asked to support Team GB at the London 2012 games. We supplied various products include a traditional Harvia Variant sauna. These saunas epitomise the traditional Finnish Sauna. Saunas play a vital role in wellbeing …

and recovery when placing such heavy physical demands on the body. The Harvia Variant sauna is a great choice, providing ample space and the opportunity for a variety of different arrangements. The Variant sauna is probably the most flexible of Harvia’s sauna designs: you have five options (spruce, pine, aspen, alder and heat-treated aspen) for wall and ceiling panelling, and you can choose the windows and the tone of the doors that best match your personal taste.

You can select the interior design of your Variant sauna from five stylish alternatives. A Variant sauna is completely insulated and, therefore, very energy efficient.

The Harvia Variant sauna represents the modern Finnish sauna at its best. The benches, as well as the sauna interior, are designed ergonomically and following original Finnish sauna traditions

The benches, headrests and backrests are made from easy-care abachi wood as standard. High-quality bench design and soft sauna lighting guarantee your enjoyment.

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